Bad Touch - Bittersweet Satisfaction (CD)

Reference: 00734

new & sealed jewel case CD
Label: Marshall Records


BAD TOUCH and their cool and easy-going classic rock in the vein of bands like BLACK CROWES, THE ANSWER or even THUNDER deserve to be checked out. The English band from Norfolk adds a certain amount of fun respectively play their compositions constantly with a twinkling of an eye. Lots of Seventies in their retro-sound flavored material, too. It's already album number five, though. You can literally smell the sweat the five-piece pours on stage for sure. Exciting band, great record, this "Bittersweet Satisfaction". (MS)


01. Slip Away

02. This Life

03. Spend My Days

04. Bittersweet Satisfaction

05. Nothing Wrong With That

06. Taste This

07. Tonight

08. Come Back Again

09. See It To Believe It

10. Dizzy For You