Lipz - Changing The Melody (CD)

Reference: 00816

new & sealed jewel case CD
Label: Frontiers Music


LIPZ, that's the brothers Alexander (v/g) und Koffe (d) Klintberg as well as  Conny Svärd (g) and Chris Young (b). Their sleaze and glam rock is an interesting mixture of WIG WAM, HARDCORE SUPERSTAR, CONFESS und RECKLESS LOVE. The Swedish outfit rocks and grooves like hell on their sophomore album and delivers the neccessary looks and attitute for the given genre, too. The production is versatile and sounds really good and powerful. Just check out "I'm Going Under", "Bang Bang" und "Stop Talking About ...". To cut a long story short: The Swedes can do. (MS)


1. I’m Going Under
2. Changing The Melody
3. Bang Bang
4. Stop Talk About ...
5. Bye Bye Beautiful
6. I’m Alive
7. Freak
8. Secret Lover
9. I Would Die For You
10. Monsterz