Ronnie Atkins - Trinity (CD)

Reference: 00661

new & sealed jewel case CD
Label: Frontiers Music


RONNIE ATKINS, frontman of the legendary PRETTY MAIDS, has already proven several times that he can definitely tie in solo to the brilliant deeds of his main band. "Trinity" is no exception, which is not really surprising, since he has Chris Laney as guitarist, keyboardist and producer, an ace at his side. Just as unsurprisingly, "Trinity" rides again in the waters of the Maids and offers catchy, melodic rock with a lot of melody, heart and passion. Recommended songs: "Trinity" and "If You Can Dream It", two songs for which there are also videos! Both thumbs up! (BS)


1. Trinity

2. Ode To A Madman

3. Paper Tiger

4. Soul Divine

5. Via Dolorosa

6. Godless

7. Shine

8. If You Can Dream It

9. Sister Sinister

10. Raining Fire

11. The Unwanted

12. What If