Steel Rhino - In Rhino We Trust (CD)

Reference: 00671

new & sealed digipak CD
Label: GMR Music


STEEL RHINO is a three-piece hard rock formation led by drummer Mikael Rosengren (CONSTANCIA and others) and singer Herbie Langhans (AVANTASIA). Old school hard rock with some metal influences is the band's thing - highly melodic at all times, finely crafted and with great songs like "Blades", "In Rhino We Trust", "Stand Up And Shout" or "We Rise" among others. Reminiscent at times of SINNER or MASTERPLAN, which may also be due to the great performance of Langhans. Mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Dynazty, Volbeat, Evergrey, Amaranthe). Strong! (BS) 


1. Stand Up And Shout

2. Strike

3. Blades

4. We Rise

5. Final Stand

6. In Rhino We Trust

7. Judgement Day

8. Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde

9. Time To Be King

10. Ignoring Gravity