Will The Thrill - Take It Sleazy (CD)

Reference: 00801

new & sealed jewel case CD
Label: Vanity Music Group


WILL THE THRILL are a young, US-American Sleaze Rock formation around band head Will Aguilar (Lead Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards). Produced by Joel Wanasek (Dope, Blessthefall, Machine Head), the creative musician offers a mix of sleazy 80s sounds à la RATT, GREAT WHITE & Co. but raises it to a modern level in terms of production. Musically, the solid groove dominates; however, the formation is really strong when it becomes more melodic, such as on "Ain't Gotta Mean A Thing" or "Lying To Myself". Recommended songs: "S.E.X." and "Push Real Hard." Vocally and songwriting-wise there is definitely still some room for improvement, but for fans of the above mentioned bands the album is certainly fun! (BS)


1. I Just Want Your Love Tonight 04:02
2. Creep 03:38
3. S.E.X. 04:35
4. Ain't Gotta Mean A Thing 05:21
5. Push Real Hard 03:41
6. Always Be Number Two 04:31
7. The More I Lose, The More I Win 03:27
8. Lying To Myself 04:26
9. I Don't Like Your Shitty Band 04:02
10. Running Round In Circles 05:21
11. Strangers In The Night 04:40
12. Riot 04:24