The Babys - Live At The Bottom Line 1979 (CD) Digipak

Reference: 00754

new & sealed digipak CD
Label: Warner


"Live At The Bottom Line 1979" shows the legendary outfit around frontman John Waite in great shape. THE BABYS with their frontman's charismatic voice and song gems like "Head First", "Isn't Time" oder "Every Time I Think Of You" can't go wrong. The sound of the recording is pretty good, given the age of it. It's warm and easily transports you into the day and age and right into the legendary New Yorker venue Bottom Line. What a pity that this outfit has been so short-lived. So it's even greater to finally have this release. And it showcases three songs from their live-set on an album for the first time. Highly melodic and partly quite dreamy and melancholic rock. (MS)


1. Head First

2. Give Me Your Love

3. Run To Mexico

4. California

5. Every Time I Think Of You

6. Stick To Your Guns

7. Crystal Ball (aka Anytime)

8. Isn’t It Time

9. Lookin’ For Love

10. Money (That’s What I Want)

11. Loaded