Everdawn - Venera (CD)

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Label: Frontiers Music

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Third album of American symphonic metal outfit EVERDAWN und the first one without Mike LePond (g, SYMPHONY X) is full of great stuff. Lots of melodies, powerful riffs and neo-classical guitars by Richard Fischer at times. Everybody who is into NIGHTWISH or WITHIN TEMPTATION and not afraid of enjoying more modern parts as well. Without doubt one of the best albums this year in the given genre and for instance more "mature" than BATTLE BEAST and the like. "Century Black" or "Karmic Partner" for example among others are ear candy. And: Alina Gavrilenko (v) has got a great voice - and luckily doesn't sing ridiculously high all the time. (MS)


1. Cassiopeia 

2. Century Black 

3. Silver Lining 

4. Karmic Partner 

5. Northern Star 

6. Justify The Means 

7. The Promise 

8. Crimson Dusk And Silver Dawn 

9. Venera 

10. Orion's Belt 

11. Images Everlasting 

12. Samsara 

13. Truer Words Ever Spoken 

14. Beneath The Well