Invasion - Invasion (CD)

Reference: 00601

new & sealed jewel case CD

Limited to 300 copies

Label: self-released


INVASION from Norway, a pretty fresh band which emerged in 2022, puts out  their self-titled debut, which is an astonishing piece of music. Frontmann Jørgen Bergersen and his experienced bandmates who have shared the stage with JORN for instance seem to be perfectly fit in their element. Songs full of energy ("Streets Are Burning" or "Arthas") and literally no fillers whatsoever make this record a real winner. A fantastic and very detailled production that need not hide from anybody out there completes the picture here. Make sure you grab one of the only 300 units of this melodic metal and hard rock gem pressed!


1. Turning The Tide

2. Streets Are Burning

3. Arthas

4. Wings Of Steel

5. Acolytes

6. Communication Nation

7. Through The Storm

8. Hell Is Going Down

9. Allies