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Circle Of Friends - Cherokee Moon (CD)

Reference: 00819

new & sealed jewel case CD
Label: Escape Music


CIRCLE OF FRIENDS with album number two. The all-star project from Escape Music contains five cover versions like for instance EUROPE ("Girl From Lebanon") with Tanya Rizkala (EPIC), SAXON ("Princess Of The Night") with Jeff Scott Soto or TEN ("The Robe") with Paul Manzi (THE SWEET) singing. But also the six original tracks are pretty stunning. They are written for instance by Steve Overland (FM) or Mikael Rosengren (CONSTANCIA, HEARTWIND), who wrote most of the 2022 debut. Great stuff which showcases an incredible amount of talent! Amazing! (MS)


1. Starlight (Olivia Dei Cicchi)
2. Eternal Love (Mark Boals)
3. Princess of the Night (Jeff Scott Soto)
4. House of Shadows (Darby Mills) 
5. Lying Here Beside You (Mick Devine/Robin Beck)
6. Can’t Let You Go (Harry Hess)
7. Eye of the Hurricane (Rick Altzi)  4
8. Midnight Sensation (Robin McAuley)
9. Girl From Lebanon (Tanya Rizkala)
10. Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (Thomas Vikström)
11. The Robe (Paul Manzi)