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Nightblaze - Nightblaze (CD)

Reference: 00820

new & sealed jewel case CD
Label: Burning Minds Music Group


NIGHTBLAZE is the baby of Italian multi -nstrumentalist Dario Grillo (PLATENS, VIOLET SUN). It's an amazing display of pure talent and passion. Finest AOR with a great voice by the name of Damiano Libianchi (PERFECT VIEW). Together with TIMSON from England, it's THE AOR record in 2024 so far. Everything is top notch here from songwriting to production and last but not least to the artwork. Just check out "Daughter", "Fading Away" or "Fragments Of Time". Absolutely no fillers, stunning arrangements and lots of ear candy hooks. Wow! (MS)


1. Sudden Blast
2.Take On Me
3.You're Gone
4. Diana
5. Tell Me
6. Hold On To Me
7. Carry On
8. Fading Away
9. Fragments Of Time
10. Daughter