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Perseus - Into The Silence (CD)

Reference: 00856

new & sealed jewel case CD
Label: Escape Music


Melodic power metal with illustrous guests dueting with PERSEUS frontman Antonio Abate. Intersting foremost for lovers of the genre for sure is "Into The Silence" with Roberto Tiranti (v, LABYRINTH) and a solo by Aldo Lonobile (g, SECRET SPHERE). Other guests singing are Davide Damna Moras (ELVENKING), Francesco Cavalieri (WIND ROSE) or Stefania Irullo (ex-ELEGY OF MADNESS). A great record in the tradition of leading acts of the genre like for instance LABYRINTH, RHAPSODY or SKYLARK. The Italians present their swords and ride into battle. (MS)


1. The Clash of The Titans
2. Into The Silence  
3. Strange House
4. The Kingdom
5. The Picture of My Time
6. Defenders Of Light
7. Il Labirinto Delle Ombre
8. Twilight
9. I Believe in Love
10. Warrior
11. Cruel Game