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Sheela - Burned Down (CD)

Reference: 00865

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Label: Lions Pride Music


SHEELA from Wiesbaden/Germany and their melodic rock on "Burned Down" from 1995 were certainly a little too late to be honest as the musical climate changed significantly back in the day. Fans of RAILWAY, FAIR WARNING, BONFIRE, SACRED SEASON or RESCUE will absolutely dig the eleven songs nevertheless. Remastered, remixed and equipped with a fresh artwork, the first of three SHEELA records in total is pure fun and paved the way to even a little bit of international recognition, too. Just check out tracks like "Burned Down", "Holdin' On" and "Spread Your Wings". (MS)


1. Long Time
2. Burned Down
3. Claire
4. Ready
5. Holdin' On
6. Reno
7. Fire Woman
8. Spread Your Wings
9. Kickin' Up Dust
10. Hang Tough
11. You Got Something