Atack - Nine Lives (CD)

Reference: 00716

new & sealed jewel case CD
Label: Escape Music


Keith Atack, Englisch guitar player and long-term touring member for e.g. BONNIE TYLER with his solo debut. And "Nine Lives" is a  remarkable record celebrating classic Seventies hard rock in a very impressive way. The material showcases an absolute stunning production, too. With Lee Small (v, PHENOMENA, LIONHEART, SWEET), Chris Childs (g, THUNDER, TYKETTTO), Bob Richards (d, ASIA, OVERLAND, SHY) as well as Nick Foley (keys), there are brilliant and very experienced players on board. Tracks like "Dead Man's Boots", "Remember Or Forget" oder "Stone Cold" are fantastic and from now on, the scene definitely has to have the name ATACK in mind. (MS)


1. Dead Man's Boots 

2. Nine Lives 

3. The Seven Seas 

4. Remember Or Forget 

5. Like A Twister Blowing Through 

6. New Addiction 

7. Stone Cold 

8. Poison Water 

9. This House 

10. The End Of The World 

11. Lie To Me