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BlitZ - Kicking Up A Storm (CD)

Reference: 00914

new & sealed jewel case CD
Label: Weapon Records/ Vanity Music Group


Don't be put off by the subterranean cover - the Brits BlitZ play flawless, melodic hard rock & metal in the English style that could have come from Saxon, Maverick, Iron Maiden and Demon (80s). Stylistically, the men around singer Stuart Corden are quite broadly positioned, but always focus on the melody. With "Freddie Said", they even have a little Freddie Mercury tribute song on board that is infectious. "Waking Up A Storm" is an album by a talented band that should appeal to you if you like it a bit heavier ("Breakneck") at times! (BS)  


1. Breakneck
2. Shell Shocked
3. C.O.G. (Crawling On Glass)
4. Keep Moving On
5. We are the Power
6. Addicted To Corruption
7. I'll Find You In Yesterday
8. Freddie Said
9. Hesitate
10. Kicking Up A Storm