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Hellsmoke - 2020
  • Hellsmoke - 2020

Hellsmoke - 2020

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HELLSMOKE releases its debut album, “2020”, with the Rev-counter well in to the red!

Hellsmoke’s gasoline infused Hardrock/ Metal combination was born when guitar player Christofer Dahlman (ex Alyson Avenue, Bai Bang) and songwriter Torbjörn Månsson got together with their long-time friend and drummer Roger Landin (ex Cloudscape). This explosive mix started to iron out what HELLSMOKE should be all about. Heavy guitars, pounding drums and rough, but refined, melodies form the backbone of the music.

The group tested the waters live by doing a few gigs, the most mentionable as support for Pretty Maids in Denmark.

When it was time to record the album Rimbert Vahlström (ex Syron Vanes), joined the crew as the group’s new singer and with his unmistakable voice that was perfect for the band - he took the songs to the next level! Anders Hahne was used as a co-producer on the album.

The band’s latest additions, Jörgen Löfberg on bass (Darkane) and Michael Åkesson (Alicate) on guitars, provide that extra edge that separates HELLSMOKE from other bands!



Rimbert Vahlström – vocals

Christofer Dahlman – guitars

Roger Landin – drums

Jörgen Löfberg – bass

Michael Åkesson - guitars