Posted On: Feb 25, 2024

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Arkado - On the high seas

Sweden, always Sweden... 
The melodic rockers from ARKADO are one of the many newer bands from the far north, whereby the protagonists are all experienced warriors. Singer Philip Lindstrand, who has also been on tour with FIND ME, EAST TEMPLE AVENUE and CRUZH, among others, is also a very open-minded and likeable guy. "Open Sea" has become a mature, varied album. Of course, this also explains Lindstrand's good humour. 

Philip, album number two is here. What were the differences in its creation compared to the debut from 2020?
We basically started right after the debut, but then I left the band, but came back in 2022 and then things really took off quite quickly. And some songs are still from the debut phase. This time, everyone involved has been able to contribute much more. Arkado has become a real band. That feels really great.

In your opinion, does "Open Sea" have a kind of key song?
The title track of course, that's way out in front, but "Rising High" perhaps best represents the slightly heavier side that we partly want to head for on album number two. Our guitarist Patrik "Svärra" Svärd used to play in a band called Cloudscape, which was a bit heavier and also subtly more progressive. This has probably rubbed off a bit, but it suits some of the songs well. On the other hand, melodies are the most important thing.

Will we be able to admire you live?
I hope so! Everyone is motivated and we already have one or two things up our sleeves. I'm sure something will happen soon. We can hardly wait. If you want us, you'll get us.
Apart from Arkado, is there anything else on your personal agenda, Philip? And do you see yourself more as a singer, guitarist or songwriter?
I always play live quite a lot, but in a wide variety of constellations and in many different genres, so not just rock music. But the main focus is now on Arkado. This time I was much more involved than on the debut. And yes, I think I'm a songwriter first and foremost. Funnily enough, I always like what I'm doing best. Here I'm singing and I really like that. If I play guitar, I really like it too. Something could happen again with East Temple Avenue in the near future. The first demos are already being made. It's just a different way of working when the band members come from three continents. It's much easier with Arkado and we meet up regularly. I'm the only one who has to travel a bit, everyone else lives more or less close to each other.

What kind of music do you have on? And how do you enjoy music, Philip?
I listen to so many different things. I'm not set in my ways. I mostly stream because it's simply practical and of course immediately available everywhere. But I also have a few records in my collection and collected them up until about ten years ago, mainly CDs. And we're already talking about the third record and exchanging playlists with possible inspirations. It's so simple and practical. Everything has its pros and cons, I think.

Martin Stark