Walk In Darkness - Leaves Rolling In Time (CD)

Reference: 00194

“Leaves Rolling In Time” is the fourth album by Classic Symphonic Metallers WALK IN DARKNESS and their mastermind Shaman. The mysterious concept album features Nicoletta Rosellini (Kalidia) on vocals and takes the listener into a world full of myths and miracles. Just like similar genre bands like DELAIN, EPICA and AMBERIAN DAWN, WALK IN DARKNESS put the focus onto strong melodies, a powerful production and a magic voice. There’s a huge portion of Symphonic Metal in this release as well – fans of NIGHTWISH may have a listen here as well!


01. Ships to Atlantis
02. Leaves Rolling in Time
03. Bent By Storms and Dreams
04. Get Away
05. Walk Close to Me
06. No Oxygen in the West
07. The Last Glow of Day
08. Elizabeth
09.  No Oxygen in the West (Shaman Version) (Bonus Track)