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Ignescent - The Fight In Me (CD)

Reference: 00701

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Label: Frontiers Music


IGNESCENT play modern hard rock. The Chicago-based band and their energetic frontwoman Jennifer Benson cross the borders to heavy metal at times but manage not to be too modern or to become too extreme. Ok, there might be an exceptional song missing, though. The song "Not Today" sees a guest appearance of Kevin Young (DISCIPLE). "Fight In Me" is modern but at the same time also an extreme groove monster from the first to the last second. IGNESCENT deliver fireworks that are quite remarkable. You could also say that IGNESCENT sound like METALITE on stereoides. (MS)


1. Monster You Made 

2. Unholy 

3. Fight In Me 

4. You're Not Alone 

5. Under Attack 

6. Triple Threat 

7. Shadows 

8. Carries Me 

9. The Hurt 

10. Woman On Fire 

11. Not Today