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Frozen Rain - One Mile From Heartsville (CD)

Reference: 00688

new & sealed jewel case CD
Label: Lion's Pride Music


FROZEN RAIN have been Belgium's leading AOR bands for years. However, "One Mile From Heartsville" marks an audible leap upwards. More sophisticated song-writing, a transparent, powerful production and musicality on a high level distinguish this work. Actually, the group plays the typical Swedish sound, which is not necessarily due to singer Lars Evall alone, but mainly to the songs. The highlights from the forge around mastermind Kurt Vereecke include the slightly westcoast-heavy title track and various catchy tracks like "Ready For Tonight" or "Move On". There are also some guest contributions like from drummer Roy Nichol (April Wine). (BS)


01) One Mile From Heartsville

02) Move On

03) Fire

04) She's The One

05) How Could I Know

06) Let Me Love You

07) One Of These Mornings

08) More Than A Friend

0) What's It Gonna Be

10) Ready For Tonight

11) That's Why I'm Loving You

12) The Waiting's Over