Dokken - Heaven Comes Down (CD) Digipak

Reference: 00684

new & sealed Digipak CD
Label: Silver Lining


Listening to the new DOKKEN album brings back memories of the band's exploits from the 1980s! Don Dokken sings himself in a pitch that suits him today through the total of 10 songs that offer so many 80's vibes that have not come from the environment of the US Americans for a long time. Competently mixed by star producer Kevin Shirley (Aeromith, Iron Maiden and many more), you can tell that the band is back in their own musical comfort zone with tracks like "Gypsy" or "Fugitive", which made them great! (BS.)


1. Fugitive

2. Gypsy

3. Is It Me Or You?

4. Just Like A Rose

5. I'll Never Give Up

6. Saving Grace

7. Over The Mountain

8. I Remember

9. Lost In You

10. Santa Fe