Bonafide - Are You Listening? (CD)

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Label: Sound Pollution

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AC/DC-like rock with - which is probably the biggest difference to the obvious main inspiration - a singer (Pontus Snibb) who still can sing. Die Swedish outfit also offers some MOTÖRHEAD or ZZ TOP moments. It's a very hard-working, authentic and honest band. Their eighth album by now does not come up with anything new at all, but quotes their idols so well and in a loving way foremost that you can't be angry with them at all. Songwriting-wise, this is way better than the last outputs by for instance AIRBOURNE or BULLET, who play a similar sound, and everything is produced in a powerful manner. (MS)


1. Are You Listening 

2. Hero To Zero 

3. Salvation 

4. Who's Boss 

5. Snacket 

6. Dealt A Bad Hand 

7. Rumble 

8. Tonight I'm Wild 

9. Tommie Nine Fingers 

10. Little Miss Understood