Temperance - Hermitage - Daruma's Eyes Pt. 2 (CD) Digipak

Reference: 00679

new & sealed digipak CD
Label: Napalm Records


Lately, only a few highlights have appeared in the now rather overcrowded symphonic metal field - TEMPERANCE, the Italian formation around the variable singer Kirsten Starkey, are an outstanding exception here. In general Starkey makes a very strong impression here in the gaudy mix of bombast, opera choirs, pomp and metal guitars. One of the numerous highlights of this extremely varied work, which can definitely score points with its originality, is the pathetic title track "Daruma", where no one less than Arjen Lucassen (AYREON) can be heard as a guest. Great! (BS)


1. Daruma (ft. Arjen Anthony Lucassen)

2. Glorious

3. A Hero Reborn

4. Welcome To Hermitage (ft. Fabienne Erni, Laura Fella)

5. No Return

6. In Search Of Gold

7. Join Me (ft. Fabienne Erni, Laura Fella, Arjen Anthony Lucassen)

8. Trust No One But You (ft. Alessandro Conti)

9. Darkness Is Just A Drawing

10. Into The Void (ft. Arjen Anthony Lucassen)

11. Brand New Start (ft. Arjen Anthony Lucassen)

12. Where We Belong

13. Full Of Memories (ft. Arjen Anthony Lucassen)

14. Cliff (ft. Alessandro Conti, Arjen Anthony Lucassen)