Paradise - Do Or Die (CD/ DVD)

Reference: 00676

new & sealed jewel case CD + DVD
Label: 20th Century Music


PARADISE was a short-lived band that played on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles between 1986 and 1992 and can of course be classified in the same category as Mötley Crüe, Ratt, Poison and Cinderella. This album was originally released in 1992 by the small German label Dream Circle and has now been expanded by 20th Century Music with a DVD, which was recorded in 1990 at the Country Club (and unfortunately was not available to us for review). Especially for fans of Cinderella and Ratt a hot tip, since the sound on the CD airs quite excellent from the speakers, but 1992 was simply 1-2 years too late! (BS)



01 - Nightmare

02 - Voices

03 - Firin' Line

04 - Fever

05 - Need A Little Love

06 - Ghost Town

07 - When You're Gone

08 - I Want More

09 - Undercover

10 - You're 16

11 - Love Machine

12 - Satisfaction Guaranteed


Country Club Headliner 5/5/1990

Ghost Town


Need A little Love (Need Somebody)

I Want More


All I’m Living For

Talk To Me (w/ guitar solo)

Call On Me

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Can’t Get Enough (w /Adam Shore)

Led Zeppelin Medley (w / members of Shake City and Slam ‘N Groove)

Whole Lotta Love

Good Times Bad Times

The Ocean