Lalu - The Fish Who Wanted To Be King (CD)

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Label: Frontiers Music

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LALU's "The Fish Who Wanted To Be King" is already the fourth album of the prog rock band around keyboardist Vivien Lalu and exceptional singer Damian Wilson (Ayreon, Landmarq, Threshold), the second on Frontiers Records, which also like to enter prog territory from time to time. The total of seven songs offer technically adept, partly very intricate, sprawling prog rock, which requires great technical skill from the listener. This skill is also offered by Lalu - and absolutely close to perfection, so that friends of high tech prog can definitely get their hands on this album. (BS.)


1. Forever Digital

2. The Fish Who Wanted To Be King

3. Deoxyribonucleic Acid

4. Is That A London Number

5. Amnesia 1916

6. A Reversal Of Fortune

7. The Wondering Kind