Lazy Bonez - Eye Of The Sky (CD)

Reference: 00670

new & sealed jewel case CD
Label: E.X.R Metal


Tommi "Tuple" Salmela attracted attention only last month with an excellent solo album, and just about a month later he already follows up with the fourth album of his current band LAZY BONEZ. And this one can definitely keep up with the solo work. The Finns offer melodic hard rock of Scandinavian style at any time, which also borrows some melodic metal. All in all, fans of TUPLE and the first three albums of this band can't go wrong here! For fans of STARGAZERY, TEMPLE BALLS, KING COMPANY & LEVERAGE! (BS)


1. Shining

2. Miss Gasoline

3. Burn For Me

4. Welcome To The World

5. Rain

6. Lay To Rest

7. Shield Of Pride

8. Eye Of The Sky

9. Screaming

10. Without You

11. Said And Done