Robby Valentine - The Queen EP 3 (Cardsleeve CD EP (unsealed))

Reference: 00669

new & sealed jCardsleeve CD EP (unsealed)
Label: self-released


Dutch artist ROBBY VALENTINE is known to be a big QUEEN fan and has already released two great EPs with cover versions of the Brits. Now follows part 3, which was recorded and pressed exclusively for this year's Queen Convention. Here VALTENTINE dares to tackle the opulent, bombastic debut of QUEEN and offers the complete album as an acoustic medley! Grandiose! This limited EP was spiced up with a cover of the song "My Fairy King". ROBBY VALENTINE's own sound was significantly influenced by the early QUEEN of the 70s - and his realization of the material is just great! (BS)


1. Acoustic Medley:

-The night comes down (May)

-Jesus (Mercury)

-Son and daughter (May)

-Great King Rat (Mercury)

-Doing Alright (May, Staffell)

-Liar (Mercury)

-My Fairy King (Mercury)

-Keep Yourself Alive (May)

2. My Fairy King (Mercury)