Duke Jupiter - Duke Jupiter 1 (CD)

Reference: 00660

new & sealed jewel case CD
1 bonus track, remastered, first time on CD, new liner notes
Label: Iconoclassic Records


DUKE JUPITER were a late 70's/early 80's rock band from Rochester/USA, which reached an appealing size in their home country, but couldn't quite achieve the success of the legends they toured with, such as ZZ Top, Bob Seger, Huey Lewis, Foreigner and many more. "Duke Jupiter 1" was the formation's fourth album, released in 1982, which included the Top 20 rock Billboard hit "I'll Drink On You." Via Iconoclassic the work is now released remastered, with 1 bonus track ("Begin Again") and a booklet, for the first time on CD, and as always with this label in an absolutely high-quality version. Essential for fans of the above mentioned bands! (BS)


1. I’ll Drink To You

2. Rockin’ In A Motel Room

3. (You’ve Gotta Love) The Wrong Ones

4. Don’t You Look At Me Like That

5. Sugar Blues

6. Rock ’n’ Roll Band

7. Slow, Loud and Dirty

8. Don’t You Walk That Way

9. Baby, I Do


10. Begin Again