Black Stone Cherry - Screamin' At The Sky (CD)

Reference: 00640

new & sealed jewel case CD
Label: Mascot Records


BLACK STONE CHERRY play convincing hard rock and have probably never sounded better and more powerfully produced like on "Screamin' At The Sky". You can literally smell the rehearsal room and feel the strong desire to finally experience those songs in a live environment. Lots of grooving, heavy rocking and satisfying tracks as far as the eye can see on album number eight of the Americans. Together with for instance THE ANSWER and SILVERTIDE the Kentucky-based four-piece is a true hope in terms of real, authentic and timeless rock'n'roll. BLACK STONE CHERRY rocks! (MS)


1. Out Of Pocket

2. Screamin’ At The Sky

3. Nervous

4. When The Pain Comes

5. Show Me What It Feels Like

6. R.O.A.R.

7. Smile, World

8. The Mess You Made

9. Who Are You Today?

10. Not Afraid

11. Here’s To The Hopeless

12. You Can Have It All