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Seventh Wonder - Mercy Falls (CD)

Reference: 00615

new & sealed jewel case CD
New liner notes
Label: Frontiers Music


Frontiers Music puts out the first four SEVENTH WONDER records "Become" (2005), "Waiting In The Wings" (2006), "Mercy Falls" (2008) und "The Great Escape" (2010) again which are actually hard to find, if at all. They were released by another label, which makes this actually a smart move. On each album of the Swedish progressive metal band you find newly written liner notes by the band itself plus some unreleased photos. The third effort of SEVENTH WONDER with fifteen tracks comes with a previously rather hidden orchestral approach. Reminiscent of DREAM THEATER's "Scenes From A Memory" somehow. (MS)


1. A New Beginning

2. There and Back

3. Welcome to Mercy Falls

4. Unbreakable

5. Tears for a Father

6. A Day Away

7. Tears for a Son

8. Paradise

9. Fall in Line

10. Break the Silence

11. Hide and Seek

12. Destiny Calls

13. One Last Goodbye

14. Back in Time

15. The Black Parade