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Seventh Wonder - Become +1 Bonus Hidden Track (CD)

Reference: 00614

new & sealed jewel case CD
1 bonus hidden track
Label: Frontiers Music


Frontiers Music re-releases the first four SEVENTH WONDER records "Become" (2005), "Waiting In The Wings" (2006), "Mercy Falls" (2008) and "The Great Escape" (2010). These were released on another label and are difficult or impossible to get hold of. In this respect, this step makes perfect sense. There are new liner notes, written by the band themselves and peppered with unpublished photos on the album. An acoustic version of "Day By Day" can be found as a bonus on "Become". (MS)


1. Day By Day

2. Like Him

3. The Damned

4. Temple in the Storm

5. Blinding My Eyes

6. The Secret

7. What I've Become

8. In the Blink of an Eye