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Electric Boys - Grand Explosivos (CD)

Reference: 00612

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Label: Mighty Music


Other than their 2012 album "Ups!de Down" which due to the impressions of the pandemic partly dealt with more serious topics, the four Swedes rock funky and positive through the eleven tracks on "Grand Explosivos". One of the very few classic rock bands out there with a comparatively distinctive sound. Frontman and guitarist Conny Bloom owns a timeless and authentic voice and the whole band offers a slightly American touch soundwise. Including some breaks, active since 1988, the Scandinavians seem to run a bit under the radar although songs like "When Life Treats You Funky" or "I've Got A Feeling" easily prove the opposite. Cool are e.g. the melodic rock or blues moments at times. (MS)


1. When Life Treats You Funky

2. Better Safe Than Sober

3. I’ve Got A Feelin’

4. And The Band Played On (Part 1)

5. Domestic Blitz

6. Karma’s Gonna Get You

7. Missed Her By A Minute

8. Learjet

9. Cozmic Jagger

10. The Great Believer

11. And The Band Played On (Part 2)