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Ronnie Romero - Too Many Lies, Too Many Masters (CD)

Reference: 00611

new & sealed jewel case CD

Label: Frontiers Music


RONNIE ROMERO (u.a. RAINBOW, SUNSTORM, THE MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP, ELEGANT WEAPONS) is without doubt one of, if not the best singer nowadays in classic hard rock. His third solo album, the first to feature only all-new material, marks a new era for the Chilenian. Pretty heavy sounding, energetic and powerful songs, "Too Many Lies, Too Many Masters" showcases everything hard rock nowadays is about. For the first time, the frontman is involved in all of the songwriting of a record he sings on, which underlines the fact that RONNIE ROMERO has got way more to offer than a great voice. Thumbs up! (MS)


1.  Castaway on the Moon

2.  Mountain of Light

3.  I’ve Been Losing You

4.  Too Many Lies, Too Many Masters

5.  Girl, Don’t Listen to the Radio

6.  Crossroad

7.  Not Just a Nightmare

8.  A Distant Shore

9.  Chased By Shadows

10. Vengeance