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ModX - Secrets (CD digipak)

Reference: 00602

new & sealed digipak CD

exclusively distributed by Pride & Joy Music outside of Sweden

release date & first day of shipping: October 8th, 2023

Label: Atenzia


Peter Ericson (MODESTY) is the mastermind behind MODX, the sensational new AOR/Westcoast formation from Sweden, which now presents its debut album "Secrets" after many years of work. To anticipate: "Secrets" is the best album of the genre for a small eternity! Top produced AOR on Westcoast basis with solid and to the point detailed songwriting that leaves nothing to be desired. Always catchy with great hooks and melodies, here are 12 songs for the ages. Highlights include the lead singles "Rosalie" and "Strangers In The Night" as well as the opener "Clear Before My Eyes". Essential for fans of TOTO, MR. MISTER, mid 80's JOURNEY and STREET TALK! (BS)


01 – Clear Before My Eyes

02 – Looking for Closure

03 – It’s Over Now

04 – Secrets

05 – Strangers in the Night

06 – If You Come My Way

07 – Rosalie

08 – Waste Another Day

09 – Save Me

10 – The Test Of Time

11 – Here I Am

12 - Caroline

13 - Im Learning How To Live Without You