Mister Wonderful - New Religion (CD)

Reference: 00592

new & sealed jewel case CD

Label: Kivel Records


"New Religion", the secons album of the Americans although the first one on a proper label, is full of good times and arena melodic rock, which is reminiscent of CHEAP TRICK or REO SPEEDWAGON at times. Sure, there is some room for improvement here and there but in general, the material is pleaseanttly different from the usual stuff from Sweden and England. The outfit around frontman Pete Brown has gota slightly rougher production. "Broken Angel" gives you a proper first impression. (MS)


1. I’ll Come Running

2. Before We’re Gone

3. Broken Angel

4. Never Again

5. I Love You I Hate You

6. The Smile in Your Heart

7. Make Me Crazy

8. Tonight

9. Wild One

10. I Found You

11. Lost My Way