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Cold Shot - Cold Shot (CD)

Reference: 00591

new & sealed jewel case CD

4 Bonustracks

Label: Eönian Records


COLD SHOT from America, formed already in 1988 (!), with their self-titled debut from 2014, which gets re-released these days including four bonus cuts, one being a live version of "No Time". If you are into bands like CINDERELLA, BULLET BOYS or ROXY BLUE, it's definitely the right stuff for you as frontman Adam Murray has that crispy voice and the guitars (Anthony Gallo) are pretty dirty and unpolished. Simply stunning to see how bands bands still (re-)surface nowadays. Just check out "Gimme What I Need" and "Juicy Lady" for a first glimpse of the material. "Heart Of The City" is pretty cool, too, and could have easily been a GREAT WHITE track. (MS)


1. Juicy Lucy

2. Foolish Pride

3. Cold Shot

4. No Time

5. Gimme What I Need

6. Mine All Mine

7. Heart of the City

8. Long Legs

9. Captured

10. Without Your Love

11. Higher

12. Can’t Fight This Feeling

13. It’s Your Thing

14. Little 2 Little

15. No Time (Live)