Hooligan Stew - There Goes The Neighborhood (CD)

Reference: 00590

new & sealed jewle case CD

Label: Eonian Records


When the guys in the band are calling themselves Bobby Brooklyn (g), Matt America (v), Perris (d) und Vinnie Vegas (b) it's pretty obvious how they sound, isn't it? Glam and Sleaze Rock in the vein of MÖTLEY CRÜE, L.A.GUNS, POISON oder HARDCORE SUPERSTAR is at hand. "There Goes the Neighborhood" is (unfortunately) the one and only record of the Los Angeles-based Americans from 1993 and you can easily imagine how tracks like "Take My Money And Run" or "Someday Sadie" have worked on stage at the legendary Sunset Strip back in the day. You have to have in mind that the production is not up to date but neverthelesss, this album captures the spirit of a fantastic period of rock music. Great record! (MS) 


1. Take The Money And Run

2. School Girls

3. Coast To Coast

4. Old Red, White, and Blue

5. Holdin’ On

6. (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care

7. I Can Do Anything You Can Do Better

8. Someday Sadie

9. That’s Rock ‘N’ Roll

10. Pretty Poison

11. Angel With A Dirty Face

12. What You See is What You Get