Sarayasign - The Lion's Road (CD) digipack

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Label: Frontiers Music

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SARAYASIGN and their slightly progressive but constantly melodic metal and hard rock sounds pleasantly different from most of the rest. "The Lion's Road", album number two of the Swedish band which started only in 2020, is full of interessting arrangements, powerful melodies and plenty of musical talent, just like their debut "Throne Of Gold" from 2022. The massive and atmospheric soundscapes of the Swedes are packed with cinematic elements which offer lots of new and exciting details after every spin of the record. A really strong statement of the northeners who are reminiscent of KAMELOT or QUEENSRYCHE at times. SARAYASIGN rocks! (MS)


1. When All Lights Go Out 

2. Blood From Stone 

3. A Way Back 

4. The Beginning Of The End 

5. Will You Find Me 

6. Everdying Night 

7. The Lion's Road 

8. Love Will Burn 

9. Hope And The Sorrow 

10. Throne Of Gold Part II - A Heartless Melody