Edge Of Paradise - Hologram (CD)

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Label: Frontiers Music

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EDGE OF PARADISE play symphonic metal with electronic sounds here and there. Because of mostly being very melodic, the fifth album of the Americans around frontwoman and keyboardist Margarita Monet should definitely please fans of LACONA COIL or PHANTOM ELITE for instance. "Don't Give Up On Me", a rather quiet song for the most part, adds another flavor here. "One More Time" starts quietly but literally explodes soon after. In general, not an album for traditionalists but also a well-crafted one and equipped with lots of sonic details which are growing constantly.


1. Hologram

2. This Is Personal

3. Soldiers Of Danger

4. The Faceless

5. Dark

6. Unbeatable

7. Don't Give Up On Me

8. One More Time

9. Basilisk

10. Another Life