Scream Maker - Land Of Fire (CD)

Reference: 00532

new & sealed jewel case CD

Label: Frontiers Music


SCREAM MAKER with their fourth album. The Polish band and their melodic heavy metal more or less in the vein of IRON MAIDEN is a cool example of what the genre produces these days. The band is pretty actice live-wise which you can actually hear on "Land Of Fire" for the most part. It's a pretty solid album with one or the other highlight ("Can't Stop The Rain" or "Dark Side Of Mine") but also a little bit of average sounds. Newly added vocalist Sebastian Stodolak is not free of accent but offers an impressive vocal range and a great timbre foremost. The (half-)ballad by the name of "Zombies" is a winner, too. A good production completes the picture here.


1. Perpetual Burning

2. Can't Stop The Rain

3. Everybody Needs Illusions

4. Zombies

5. A Nail In The Head

6. The Rider

7. Dark Side Of Mine

8. Way To The Moon

9. Land Of Fire

10. See The Light

11. Below

12. Way To The Moon (Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track Japan)