Mats Karlsson - Mood Elevator (CD)

Reference: 00517

new & sealed jewel case CD
Label: MK Music


Second solo album by 220 VOLT guitarist MATS KARLSSON (g/b/v). After the 2019 "The Time Optimist" it's a broader variety style-wise which can be found on "Mood Elevator". There are hard rock elements in some songs next to some melodic metal influences as well as almost AOR-ish hooklines. Several guest musicians like Ferdy Doernberg (keys, AXEL RUDI PELL), Björn Englen  (b, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN) or Mike Klemmé (v, THE SUMMIT) contribute their talents here. A very exciting record "Mood Elevator" is by the Swede, in many respects. Well-produced, multi-layered musically and equipped with a beautiful artwork, too.


1. Asteroids 

2. Beautiful Life 

3. Mood Elevator 

4. War Child 

5. Keeping Time 

6. Big Yellow Taxi 

7. Kiss Of Life 

8. Letters Without Signatures 

9. Higher Than High 

10. Magic Wand 

11. Try My Love 

12. Tipping Poin