Rhett Forrester - Gone With The Wind (CD) Slipcase

Reference: 00505

new & sealed slipcase CD
Label: High Roller Records


RHETT FORRESTER, former RIOT frontman, who was tragically killed in 1994 in the streets in an unbelievable and senseless act of violence, with his debut, originally released back in 1984. "Gone With The Wind" is melodic metal with a powerful voice and rocking guitars. Eight original songs plus THE ROLLING STONES cover "Live With Me" are to be found on the menu here. Not only suitable for fans of RIOT but also TWISTED SISTER and even bands like RATT and DOKKEN are fine references here. The record's sound is authentic and raw as you should not expect a highly polished record here, though.


1. Gone With The Wind

2. Cranky Boy

3. The Last Things I Do

4. Assume The Position

5. Voyage To Nowhere

6. Shake The Shadow

7. Boys Want To Fight

8. Moving In For The Kill

9. Live With Me (The Rolling Stones Cover)