Jack Starr - Out Of The Darkness +1 (CD) Slipcase

Reference: 00503

new & sealed Slipcase CD
1 bonus tracks
Label: High Roller


JACk STARR (g), founding member of VIRGIN STEELE with his - not really suprising - pretty much traditional heavy metal-like debut from 1984. Lead vocals by the late Rhett Forrester (RIOT), who provides one of the best voices of the whole genre back in the day. Comes with a bonus cut ("Amazing Grace"). Tracks like "Concrete Warrior" or "False Messiah" offer lots of potential to become classics, though. Despite remastering, the sounds is exactly what you would expect from an album of that era. "Out Of The Darkness" easily outplays everthing he did later on with his band BURNING STARR.


01 Concrete Warrior

02 False Messiah

03 Scorcher

04 Wild In The Streets

05 Can't Let You Walk Away

06 Chains Of Love

07 Eyes Of Fire

08 Odile

09 Let's Get Crazy Again

10 Amazing Grace (Bonus)