Kickhunter - Now Or Never (CD)

Reference: 00489

new & sealed jewel case CD
Label: Metalapolis Records


After a nine-year-hiatus, there is finally new music from KICKHUNTER in form of "Now Or Never", album number five. Cool, down-to-earth hard rock with lots of Southern roots. "Louder & Faster", the energetic, rocking opener or "King Of Rock’n’Roll" with irresistible classic Hammond sounds are highlights as well as the ballad-like "I Sing This Song Forever" or even the very bluesy "Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind". The Hamburg-based band KICKHUNTER fully delivers. Honest, fuzz-less music, authentically played by absolute experts. You can actually smell the sweat from the rehearsal room and taste the Whiskey. Comes with a gueat appearance of Markus Grosskopf (b, HELLOWEEN).


1. Louder & Faster
2. Motherlode
3. I Want It
4. Back & Free
5. I Sing This Song Forever
6. This Summer
7. King Of Rock 'N Roll
8.Can't Get You Out Of My Mind
9. Nothing To Lose
10. Best Time