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Sirenia - 1977 (digipak - CD)

Reference: 00463

new & sealed digipak CD
1 Bonus Songs
Label: Napalm Records


SIRENIA is one of the most reliable bands in the symphonic metal genre. Nevertheless, the Norwegians around frontwoman Emmanuelle Zoldan partly leave their grounds on "1977". There is some eighties rock and even more synthwave on the new album, their eleventh in total. "Twist In My Sobriety" a cover version of TANIKA TIKARAM, is a cool song but it's not clear whether all the fans of this symphonic metal band will accept this pretty poppy direction in the sound. But in terms of production, songwriting or concerning the vocals foremost, everything is just fine. Just checkout "Deadlight" which gives a pretty good impression of the sound and style.


1. Deadlight
2. Wintry Heart
3. Nomadic
4. The Setting Darkness
5. A Thousand Scars
6. Fading To The Deepest Black
7. Oceans Away
8. Dopamine
9. Delirium
10. Timeless Desolation
11. Twist In My Sobriety (bonus track)