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Sinner - Born To Rock: The Noise Years '84-'87 (4 CD)

Reference: 00462

new & sealed jewel case CD
6 Bonus Songs
Label: Plastic Head


This box contains four SINNER albums which came out on Noise Records back in the day with a total of 47 songs including a good handfull bonus cuts like for instance 12 inch mixes of "Out Of Control" or "Born To Rock". The albums are Danger Zone" (1984), "Touch Of Sin" (1985), "Comin' Out Fighting" (1986) and "Dangerous Charm" (1987).The metal and hard rock songs pretty much deliver powerful and fresh songs in the vein of this very special era of German hard rock and metal. Definitely differently sounding than the more recent of the roundabout twenty albums by now of Mat Sinner (v/b) and the guys but mostly stunning. With the originals being out of print for a long time, a great chance to complete your collection. Lots of value for money!


CD 1:
1. Danger Zone
2. No Place In Heaven
3. Scene Of A Crime
4. Lupo Manaro
5. Fast, Hard & Loud
6. The Shiver
7. Razor Blade
8. Shadow In The Night
9. Wild Wings
10. Rattlesnake
11. Danger II

CD 2:
1. Born To Rock
2. Emerald
3. Bad Girl
4. Shout
5. The Storm Broke Loose
6. Out Of Control
7. Too Late To Run Away
8. Hand Of Fate
9. Masquerade
10. Open Arms
11. Fast Decision*
12. Knife In My Heart*
13. Out Of Control (Heavy Extended Version)**
14. Born To Rock (Extended Version)***
15. No Place In Heaven (Extended Version)***
* 1994 CD reissue bonus tracks
** ‘Out of Control’ 12” track
*** ‘Born To Rock’ 12” track

CD 3:
1. Hypnotised
2. Faster Than Light
3. Comin’ Out Fighting
4. Age Of Rock
5. Rebel Yell
6. Lost In A Minute
7. Don’t Tell Me ( That The Love Is Gone)
8. Germany Rocks
9. Playing With Fire
10. Madhouse

CD 4:
1. Concrete Jungle
2. Knife In My Heart
3. Dangerous Charm
4. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
5. Nobody Rocks Like You
6. Tomorrow Doesn’t Matter Tonight
7. Fight The Fight
8. Back In My Arms
9. Gipsy
10. Desperate Heart
11. Last Dance*
* 1994 CD reissue bonus track