Renaissance Rock Orchestra - Ice Age Cometh (CD)

Reference: 00461

new & sealed jewel case CD
Label: Escape Music


This massive rock opera is the "baby" of Keyboarder Gregg Fox (e.g. KING COBRA, QUIET RIOT, BEGGARS & THIEVES). He gathers lots of musicians of high calibre like Robin McAuley (v, MSG), Mark Boals (v, ex-YNGWIE MALMSTEEN), Michael Romero (g, SYMPHONY X), Alan White (d, YES) or "Bumblefoot" (g, GUNS'N'ROSES) and many, many more around him. The result is a progressive and symphonic Rock record somewhere between TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA, YES, AYREON or THE FLOWER KINGS. Headphones and a glass of wine and experiencing the magic of another world... Great stuff! "The Universal Dance" provides a good first impression of the record.


1. In My Lovin' Arms 5:28

2.The Ice Age Cometh 6:57

3. Here We Are Again 4:53

4. Secrets In The Sand 7:33

5. Circus Life 5:04

6. My Lonely Heart 6:19

7. The Universal Dance 6:44

8. J.S. Rock 4:06

9. A Song Of Hope 7:31

10. The Author Of Mystery 5:06

11. Long Live Rock And Roll 5:08