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Rainbow - Rising (2-CD) Re-Issue

Reference: 00446

new & sealed 2-CD digipak
release date & first day of shipping: May 12th, 2023
Label: Polydor


Rainbow's blistering “Rising” album, originally issued in 1976, lays the group's self-titled debut recording to waste. Ritchie Blackmore and his hired guns hammered home a classic with this epic release of medieval metal. After he left Deep Purple, he played with his band completely detached again like in Machine Head or In Rock times. He is in full control and brilliantly implements his ideas of epic hard rock. Ronnie James Dio, who got into the band as a nobody, set a monument for himself with this album and was a singing god afterwards. The two complemented each other very well back then, as they shared a love for medieval stories and myths. From the mystical keyboard intro of "Tarot Woman" to the final bang of "A Light in the Black", “Rising” shows five thoroughbred musicians at the peak of their artistic creativity. The album is a masterpiece of hard rock.


CD 1

1. Tarot Woman - New York Mix

2. Run With the Wolf - New York Mix

3. Starstruck - New York Mix

4. Do You Close Your Eyes - New York Mix

5. Stargazer - New York Mix

6. A Light In the Black - New York Mix

7. Tarot Woman - Los Angeles Mix

8. Run With the Wolf - Los Angeles Mix

9. Starstruck - Los Angeles Mix

10. Do You Close Your Eyes - Los Angeles Mix

11. Stargazer - Los Angeles Mix

12. A Light In the Black - Los Angeles Mix


CD 2

1. Tarot Woman - Rough Mix

2. Run With the Wolf - Rough Mix

3. Starstruck - Rough Mix

4. Do You Close Your Eyes - Rough Mix

5. Stargazer - Rough Mix

6. Coming Home - 'A Light In the Black' Rough Mix

7. Stargazer - Pirate Sound Tour Rehearsal