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Michael Thompson Band - The Love Goes On (CD)

Reference: 00442

new & sealed jewel case CD
release date & first day of shipping: May 12th, 2023
Label: Frontiers Music


"The Love Goes On" sees the return of original vocalist Moon Calhoun (e.g. THE STRAND). Mature songs with beautiful melodies and a superb production. The guitarrist is one of America's most prolific session musician (MADONNA, WHITNEY HOUSTON, MICHAEL JACKSON among many others) and his AOR with lots of Westcoast elements is nothing but pure pleasure for a genre lover. Even though, there's not much rock to be found, the twelve songs are brilliantly and refreshingly relaxed and multi-layered style-wise. Just check out "In Your Arms" and "Just What It Takes".



1. The Love Goes On

2. Whispers And Dreams

3. War Of The Hearts

4. In Your Arms

5. All Of It

6. Just What It Takes

7. My Forever June

8. Higher

9. Out Of Nowhere

10. What Keeps You Alive

11. A Picture Of You

12. Wheelchair (Bonus Track)