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Screamachine - Church Of The Scream (CD)

Reference: 00441

new & sealed jewel case CD
release date & first day of shipping: May 12th, 2023
Label: Frontiers Music


Heavy metal from Italy. SCREAMACHINE with their second effort called "Church Of The Scream". Lots of riffs and comparatively aggressive vocals but mostly pretty melodic in terms of arrangements. Just take ANNIHILATOR, MEGADETH, ACCEPT or even (old) HELLOWEEN with a slice of eighties hard rock. You get various influences from eighties and nineties metal here. Frontman Valerio “The Brave” Caricchio offers a powerful performance and the guitars ( and Paolo Campitelli) are pretty prominent. "The Epic Of Defeat" features guest vocals by Davide "Damna" Moras (ELVENKING).


1. The Crimson Legacy
2. Church Of The Scream
3. Night Asylum
4. Revenge Walker
5. Met(H)Aldone
6. Flag Of Damnation
7. Occam’s Failure
8. Pest Case Scenario
9. Deflagrator
10. The Epic Of Defeat