Koritni - Long Overdue (CD)

Reference: 00429

new & sealed digipak CD

Label: Verycords


Four years after their last concert at Hellfest, Koritni are back with their sixth studio album, the very appropriately named Long Overdue. Mixed by Kevin Shirley (Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin), mastered by Ryan Smith (AC/DC, Greta Van Fleet), the new album from the Australian (hard) rockers unveils 12 bombs made for classic rock fans. Leaden rhythms, sharp riffs, inspiring solos and the top-class vocal performance of the charismatic Lex Koritni - "Long Overdue" combines all the ingredients that have made the Australian band famous. Lex Koritni has surrounded himself with new musicians for this album: Tom Frémont (guitar) - audiences have already seen him on 2019 dates including Hellfest - and Daniel Fasano (drums), who fans will discover on the first single Long Overdue, released on 10 March. Original guitarist Luke Cuerden also comes to the rescue, making a guest appearance on one track. For the album cover, the band has again collaborated with Mark Wilkinson (Iron Maiden, Judas Priest The Darkness, Marillion ...).


1. No Strings Attached 5:13

2. For the Love of the Game 4:53

3. Tonight 4:39

4. Long Overdue 4:38

5. Far Cry from No. 1 5:10

6. Bone for You 4:21

7. Better 3:30

8. Born to Lose 4:05

9. Funny Farm 4:21

10. Go Hard or Go Home 4:35

11. Last Time 3:51

12. Take it Off 5:08